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Who We Are

Started in 2005, Footprints of the Mind is dedicated to changing children's lives by providing a dynamic environment to learn geography and develop lifelong cultural awareness, love for travel, and an indispensable global outlook.

Wander Our WorldIts Wander Our World app won a coveted Parents’ Choice Foundation Spring 2012 Mobile App Award and its workshop-based Geography Enrichment program has been growing as more schools request it as part of their curriculums.

Travel on TuesdayTravel on Tuesday, a subscription- based website for families that want to raise global awareness at home. Featuring Travel KITs with information and crafts related to specific countries.

William Wanders William Wanders is an interactive website that incorporates maps, photos, music and other tools to engage your child with an interest in learning. In addition, it provides a fun, safe and inviting environment on the internet where kids can go at their own pace and parents can begin to share their love of travel with their children.







Wander Our World Summer Camps -
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Travel the world this summer! Footprints of the Mind is bringing global adventures closer to home. We have full confidence that with our expertise in geo-literacy combined with culture, art, games, STEM, and a sense of adventure, your children are about to have a summer they'll never forget!

Camps take place at: St. Cornelius School 5252 N. Long Avenue Chicago, IL 60630 from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM.


July 5-8: America the Beautiful (Ages 4-8)
FULL and Closed for Registration!

Wander Our WorldDon’t go too far this summer…Wander Our World and explore the greatest country on Earth, the United States of America! We will learn about the Rock and Roll Museum, Andy Warhol, NASA, Times Square, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Mammoth Cave, Native American Mounds, Meteor Crater, the salmon run in Seattle, the list goes on and on! Campers will have a blast putting together the 50 states on our GIANT floor map every day and creating a masterpiece of their “road trip”. This is one lesson on the U.S. of A. you don’t want your kids to miss!

July 5-8: We chose to go to the Moon!
Geo-STEM Rockets (Ages 9-12)
4 Spots Open

Wander Our WorldAerospace engineering is a fast growing field. Private companies now offer flights into space. In this exciting STEM program campers will explore the forces that make rockets work as well as the history behind our "race to space". Students will design their own rockets. Campers will examine the relationship between rocket length, nose cone mass and range, launch angles and flight time, as well as learn to calculate velocity. This will be an out of this world experience.

July 11-15: Frequent Flyers (Ages 4-8)
4 Spots Open

Wander Our WorldWe know you’re out there! You’ve seen all our Travel Trunks and you think you’ve seen it all. WELL! We have some new and exciting trunks to share with you. Visit Spain, Uganda, Peru, South Korea, and Norway! If you’re not one of our frequent flyers, don’t worry! This camp is just like our previous camps and you’ll love every minute learning about new cultures and creating new masterpieces!




July 11-15: Geo-STEM Bridges (Ages 9-12)
Closed for Registration!

Wander Our WorldExplore the world through the lens of a Structural/Mechanical Engineer. In this exciting Geo-STEM class we will visit bridges from around the world and study the different forces that keep bridges and structure standing soundly. Campers will design their own building company. Using the information and inspiration from our research we will design, build and test our own bridges. Campers will learn about measurement, drafting, budgets, money management, writing checks, cooperative group work and much, much more.


July 18-22: Let's Race! Geo-STEM Cars (Ages 5-8)

Wander Our WorldLet's race. The automotive industry changed the world. Many different countries have contributed to the design of today's automobiles. We will explore the different automotive designs from around the world. Using to Engineering Design Process and some everyday materials we will design and build several different wind powered vehicles. Using mathematics students will determine their award winning design and race their best cars. Join us in this winner takes all STEM program

July 18-22: Expedition (Ages 9-12)
Closed for Registration!

Wander Our WorldThis innovative camp is geared towards 5th – 8th grade students. WOW Expedition geo-travelers will create their own county for the class to explore. What would your country’s flag symbolize? What would you import or export? Who could visit? Do you have a National Hero? Does your country have a legendary volcano or a HUGE cave system? Are you near the sea, and do you have a lighthouse or a watchtower? These and many more questions will be answered as we explore and learn about our world through our inquiry-based and creative program that shows us how we are all interconnected.

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